12 thoughts on “PHOTOGRAPHS

  1. Ms. Fagan, thank you for your beautifully written, eloquent, and courageous essay in the New York Times today. You are a wonderful writer and photographer and now I want to read your novels.

  2. Jenni – Your essay in the NY Times, “An Illness, Inherited?” is one of the best pieces I have ever read. How beautiful. It is hard enough to just live and to try to understand ourselves a little bit. Hardest of all is to be nice to ourselves, to be gentle and forgiving. For some of us, anyway.

    I will explore more of your writing. Thank you. And I was finally able to visit Scotland two years ago. I t was as beautiful as I thought it would be.

    Good things to you…

    Barbara Long

  3. Hello Ms Fagan, I am at the helm of a new platform for writers of short fiction coming out of Summerhall, Edinburgh, via Radio Summerhall, which is itself very new. I was wondering (hoping) If you might dare to give me some other way to contact you and I could hopefully inspire you to get involved at some level, maybe do a reading at some point?
    I hope this hasn’t been too intrusive or presumptuous.
    My email address is
    Sorry, this feels incredibly forward, I do apologise.
    Yours sincerely, Roddy.

  4. Hello Jenni, just read you have discovered Jessie Kesson. So fitting. I was a friend of Jessie’s and worked with her in Tynepark School in Haddington – the basis for ‘You’ve never slept in mine’ – in 1972. Jessie was in her 50s, I was 18. Many many unique memories. I’d be happy to share them with you if you’re interested.

    1. Hello Suzie, I’d love to hear more, what a fascinating story for you to be able to tell! If you send an e-mail through my agency (Tracy Bohan at The Wylie Agency) then I can get back to you, or follow me on twitter! Thanks, Jenni

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