My debut novel The Panopticon is published in the UK, France, Czech, Audio, Kindle, Apple iPad, and it is about to be released in the US, Germany, Australia, Italy and Canada. It was part of the Waterstones 11 — as one of the best worldwide debut novels of 2012. I was recently selected as one of the once in a decade — Granta Best of Young British Novelists.

Just finished:

New short story collection                There’s A World Outside, I Know Cos I Heard Talk.

New poetry collection                         Waterproof Swan

New novel                                             The Sunlight Pilgrims (second-draft).

My debut poetry collection Urchin Belle sold out on Blackheath Books. My poetry collection The Dead Queen of Bohemia won 3AM Poetry Book of the Year and is available on Blackheath Books. Several poems from these collections were nominated for The Pushcart Prize. I have been selected for other prize lists including the James Tait Black Prize, Desmond Elliott, Waterstones 11, Anobii, New Writers Award, The Kitschies.

I have won awards from Scottish Screen, Peggy Ramsay, Scottish Arts, Dewar Arts and Arts Council England. I taught creative writing at Norfolk Blind Association, worked with young offenders, and homeless youths to create a monthly magazine, and I was Writer in Residence at Lewisham Hospital, focusing on Neo-natal practices.

The Scolds Bridle is a large sculpture I built out of sheets of steel. I spent several months engraving this sculpture with words written by women in prison in the UK and US. The Scolds Bridle aims to raise awareness of issues facing women within prison and young offenders systems. It was exhibited in Greenwich Gallery, London.

I am the new Writer In Residence at Edinburgh University.